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Zie A

Hello, hello!  I'm Zie A, the writer! 

     I've known with Sarah since high school when we met through the Stonington High School Drama Program, and we've been best friends ever since!  When I moved to college down here in New Orleans it was a pretty big change from the New England landscape I grew up on, but I love it!  I'm currently a student at Tulane University majoring in English and Homeland Security.  I hope to work in emergency communications or emergency management, or a career in writing (also a possibility).
     Writing is one of my favorite hobbies; there is nothing more satisfying than opening a new moleskine or other journal and seeing all the blank pages waiting to be filled with ideas.  I write about a lot of random things; everything from fictional adventures and love stories, to essays on 'why feminism is needed in the modern day' or 'why Ursula is the best Disney villain', and everything in between.  You will be hard-pressed to find me without some kind of notebook with me at any time.
     Other than writing I also enjoy drawing (though I'm nowhere near as good as Sarah), cooking and baking, gardening, hands-on activities (like building or hiking or group work), martial arts, and theater.  I'm trying to make sure I get more involved with the things I enjoy, possibly joining a new dojo, joining Habitat for Humanity or Evacuteer, or a theater troupe!  There are so many fantastic opportunities in New Orleans that I'd like to take advantage of while I'm still living in the city.

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am an illustrator!

              Pretty much as Zie stated, we met in high school when I joined the Stonington High School Drama Club, when Zie was the most devoted backstage manager I ever met. I soon became a part of the backstage family as well as the graphic designer for a number of shows. It was here that I found my closest and best friend who saw much more than being an artist, but as an amazing person. Now I am currently going into my Junior year at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts where I plan to concentrate in the Department of Illustration. I'm not sure what I am going as a career but one of my goals is to illustrate book covers and turning books of literature into graphic novels. 
          What I do for my spare time is drawing comics. I grew up with comics all my life, like Calvin & Hobbes and Tintin, as they help me appreciate good story telling and visual illustrations. So I have been practicing drawing comic panel layouts or writing a number of stories that I wanted to illustrate. Then I like to commission/ creating greeting cards and birthday cards for people (possibly thinking of making a business out of it).
          What else I like to do is baking, hiking, martial arts, dancing, theater, blogging and painting. During the summer, I enjoy painting watercolor illustrations and landscapes. I also been introduced to acrylic paints and gouache medium to expand my illustration field or finding my favorite medium.

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