Character Profiles

Age: 24
Description: Mediterranean heritage, 6'2", lean, dark brown hair, scruffy/stubbly beard and mustache, light brown eyes
Clothing: Jeans, cheap shirts (usually t-shirts or cheap button-downs), flannels when it's cold, beanie hat when it's cold, mainly wears cheap sneakers/converse knock-offs; always wears a gold medallion necklace, both ears are pierced multiple times with gold hoops, wears gold rings sometimes
Job: 1) waiter at cafe M-R, 2) waiter at swanky restaurant F-Sn noon to late night

Age: 26
Description: Caucasian, 5'9", stocky/muscle-y, light blonde-brown hair, clean shaven, blue-gray eyes
Clothing: Jeans or slacks, (nicer) button down shirts or sweaters, sometimes wears a blazer or tie, wears more formal footwear like oxfords and/or sperries; no jewelery
Job: Writer

Age: 23
Description: Porcelain skin, 5'6", willowy build, blonde shoulder-length hair with red highlights underneath, clear blue eyes
Clothing: Jeans, tan top with plaid collar shirt (stolen from Beast or Theo), frequently wears bandanas and beanies, wears tall boots with a small heel; small earrings, always wears a star pendant; doesn't wear a lot of makeup
Job: 1) Part time office manager/barista at cafe, 2) freelance artist

Beast (Helen)
Age: 25
Description: Porcelain skin, 5'8", stockier/curvier build, pixie cut hair (dyed new colors, usually purple or red), hazel eyes, heavily tattooed
Clothes: Jeans and snug shirts, or lacy dresses with leather motor cycle jacket, wears steel-toed combat boots; multiple ear piercings with silver jewelry, multiple silver rings, always wears a moon pendant; wears heavy eye makeup
Job: 1) bartender, 2) freelance writer

Age: 29
Description: Latina heritage, 5'5", very curvy (perfect hourglass), elbow-length dark brown hair with gold highlights, dark brown eyes
Clothes: Wears a lot of dresses and power-suites, also wears jeans and flirty tops; minimal sophisticated jewelry, engagement ring; professional but sexy makeup
Job: Editor/Publisher

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