Saturday, June 27, 2015

14. Oh, You Garden?

“You heading out?” Asked Theo, watching Gabe pack his computer bag.  He had just delivered a few sandwiches to the table near Gabe’s.
“Yah,” said Gabe glancing up at Theo.  He smiled shyly at him clasping his bag shut.  “I really like working here, I get a lot done.”
Theo glanced out at the windows where the sun had disappeared behind the buildings and the sky was fading to watercolor purple and pink.  “You know it’s like five-thirty, right?” he said.
“Yah, I got really wrapped up in my work,” said Gabe smiling shyly.  “I don’t know why, but this place is just really inspiring, I get so much done.”  
The two of them stood facing each other; Gabe’s bag now over his shoulder, Theo’s tray held loosely at his side.  The high school students he had just delivered the sandwiches to all glanced at the hot waiter and staring down at the cute man with his forgotten blue scarf bunched in his hand.  The pause passed and as the students slid their gaze back to each other the electric crackle that held everyone’s breath evaporated.
“You going to come back tomorrow?” asked Theo on an impulse, needing to escape the thickness of the air in his lungs.  What was that moment?  Oh shit, I sound like a needy boyfriend.  Just as he opened his mouth to qualify the statement, Gabe looked down.
“Probably,” said Gabe to the ground.  His voice was as subdued as ever.  “If I get ahead in the beginning of the week I can work on the yard a little.”
“Oh, you garden?” asked Theo dumbly, shifting his weight to his other hip.
Gabe looked up at Theo, his face pink again.  “Yah, I have a lot of raking to do now.”  Theo was profoundly grateful that Gabe’s ocean eyes weren’t boring into his and instead were focused on his mouth.
Wait, don’t think about him looking at your mouth.  “Yah, the cold snap last week really dropped all the leaves.”  I sound so stupid.  Gabe didn’t respond, just shifted his weight and looked down again.  Wow, I didn’t even justify I response.  So lame.  “I’ll let you go,” he said shifting away towards the kitchen entrance where he should pick up his next order.
“Thanks,” said Gabe awkwardly taking a few steps towards the door.  They circled around each other, heading towards their respective exits, both still angled towards each other.  “I’ll, um….see you later then.”
“See you later,” replied Theo.  With that he forced himself to turn his rebelling body away so he could go to the kitchen and smack his head against a wall.  Shit, I won’t like him. I refuse.  I refuse.

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