Saturday, June 6, 2015

7. Joel's a Good Guy

    “You heading to A Bit Of Everything?” came Joel’s voice as Theo stripped his uniform and changed into a t-shirt.  Theo nodded...he knew where this was going, Joel asked every Friday, just like he asked if Theo needed a ride every late night.  “Well, since you won’t be eating in tonight, you’ll just have to take the extra muffins I made.  After all, have to keep them in demand.”
    Theo smiled, “Right you are, sir!”  He grabbed the brown paper bag marked ‘Theo’ that stood proud in the middle of the countertop.  Joel.  Joel was a good guy.
    Theo wandered back into the kitchen where Joel commanded his post like the Captain he once was.  “Thanks Joel,” he said.  Joel glanced up at Theo, his graying eyebrows partially obscuring his nearly black brown eyes.  His mustache twitched as he smirked, “Thanks for what?  I didn’t do anything.”
    Theo’s eyes crinkled as he nodded, acknowledging that Joel wouldn’t accept any thanks.  It’s been that way since he first moved here, what, five years ago?  It seemed like such a long time ago.  Wow.
    “Hey Joel,” he said, stalling in the doorway with the bag in his hand and his backpack slung over his shoulder.  Joel looked up, his eyebrows raising, shaved head shining with a sheen of sweat in the hot kitchen.  “You’re awesome.”
    Joel grinned and bobbed his head.  “You too,” he said, “but if you’re walking to work today you’ll need to get started.  Those posh assholes are really strict on clocking in.”
    Theo nodded a little and smiled to himself again.  “Yah,” he said, “See you Monday, Joel.  Have a good weekend.”
    “You too kiddo,” he said.

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